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Preschool Science Class
Edmond, Okla. and Dallas, TX, USA
National and International

Educational Initiative

We are raising $50,000 to assist communities with improvement to schools and internal infrastructure to help facilitate better schooling world wide. >>

Canned Food
Edmond, Okla. and Dallas, TX, USA

Emergency Food Nutrition Center

We are establishing a new food pantry for local families having a hard time at other programs. Some food programs limit food based upon the number of members in their family rather then the quality of the people. Other families do not have the ID or the capability of moving on there own and are to embarrassed to state there situation to people outside of their religious faith. 

Image by Jens Behrmann
Edmond, Okla. and Dallas, TX, USA

Emergency and Domestic Violence Shelter

Our staff is raising $500,000.00 to obtain further funding to prepare emergency housing to women and children. We expect to expand to singles and men in the future. 

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