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:Foundation Facts:

Current number of foundation employees: 0

Current number of foundation volunteers(and staff): 9
Total grant funding since inception: 0

Total public funding since inception: 0
Total 2018 Direct funding Support: $771.00

Total 2019 Direct funding Support $3468.60



Edmond, Oklahoma 73034 (and surrounding areas. Some zip-codes may not qualify.)

Dallas, Texas 75243 (and surrounding areas. Some zip-codes may not qualify.)

Mission Statement
The mission of The "M" Foundation is to create, educate, provide, and support while also empowering individuals, families, single parents, military personal, damaged communities and businesses who do not have the best necessary resources to sustain growth for future generations of diverse ethnic cultures.

Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to assist with preparation for Global Disaster Relief victims and families, Food Pantry(or pantries), Emergency Homeless Shelter(s), Domestic Violence Shelter(s) for Women and their families, Vertical Gardening, help with the creation and sustain-meant of new energy technologies, provide some Home Health Care services while also helping to further expand progress for humanity.

Vision Statement
Act as a scientific, educational trust foundation, and benevolent society.

Geographic Reach

2 States (one pending)

1 Countries (two pending)

Council of Elders