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Where are you located?
We are located in Oklahoma and Texas.

Do you have a facility? 
We do not have a physical facility at this time.

What is your organizational mailing address?
Our mailing address is: The M Foundation, P.O. Box 2252, Edmond, OK 73083-2252.


What is your organizational Oklahoma address?
Our Oklahoma address is: 101 Park Ave Ste 1300, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (No walk-ins).


What is your organizational Texas address?
Our mailing address is: 9304 S Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas 75343 (No walk-ins).

How can I/we send donations?

If you click upper right hand corner of the home page the button named donate will take you to PayPal secure website. You will then be issued a receipt from paypal. If you wish for an additional letter we can furnish one for you. If you email us we will be glad to accommodate you.


What programs are you doing for the community?
Please refer to the explore page


How may I/we become a member?
Please go to our contact page and the information your requested
is posted 


How can I/we volunteer?
Please to the contact page and we will be with you momentarily

Why is your name different in Oklahoma and Texas?
In Oklahoma we are registered as The "M" Foundation. In our Texas
branch we are required to drop the "the" in our name and DBA "M"
Foundation so not to become misrepresented by a different
organization that uses "the" in their DBA name.

What people do you serve?
All people who are in need.


Do you have a phone number?

Not at this time. All correspondence and questions are answered through an email system.

Why are there no pictures of staff?

We believe in an unified community ( a collective), where no one face or person can represent our organization. We are all a community of one.

What does the 'M' in "M" Foundation mean?

It means Terra Mater, meaning Mother Earth. :)

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