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Now and the Future...

Welcome to our donation page there are several ways your donation can be submitted.



You can mail your donation to our physical office in (Texas) by using the local post mailing system (USPS or FEDEX).

We accept Certified Check or Postal Money Orders by mail.

Bank Wires

We accept wires only after a one time physical donation is made  from a person to the foundation. As for businesses that wish to donate other arrangements can be made to accommodate the donor once the bank verifies your business information we can complete transactions.


We have a blue button above. A monthly donations help keep our office sustainable provide program growth, and help maintain future staff.


Section 2


We thank you for considering our faster new crypto donation section. Email our office to notify us before you donate so we may take arrangements to send supporting information of the transfer.  All receipts will reflect the current value at the time of transaction. Any change in market there after the transaction and pick up is not the responsibility of the donor. Full credit will still be issued according to the time of the initial transaction. A second (post) receipt may (as needed) be issued through email at the time of the conversion. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions pertaining to your donation processes (Subject Line "Cryptonations?")

[*NOTE: we are still setting up our crypto donation section. Please be mindful.]

If any problems do contact our office.


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